Further Reading

History of the 101st Regiment, Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry 1861-1865,

By John A. Reed & Luther Samuel Dickey Online

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Tioga Mountaineers - Company B, 101st PA

From the Flag to the Cross; Or, Scenes and Incidents of Christianity in the War, by A. S. Billingsley, Regimental Chaplain. Philadelphia: New-World Publishing Co., 1872. E-book | Reprint

101st PA Battle Reports in the Official Records

National Tribune Articles written by 101st PA soldiers.

Private John Householder, Co. G, 101st PA 1863 Diary

Fate of the 101st PA Colors during the Battle of Plymouth, NC.

QM Sgt Edward N. Boots, 101st PA Letters

101st PA who escaped after their capture at Plymouth, NC.

New! Testimony of Samuel & Jacob Brown 101st PA at the Henry Wirz Trial

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Lt. Brown's Button Letters by Mike Miner, 1987 (small publication).

The 101st Pennsylvania in the Civil War: Its Capture and Pow Experience By Harold B. Birch Online

Advance the Colors! by PA Capitol Preservation Committee. A Two volume set which has a brief history on each PA regiment with descriptions or photos of Regimental Flags.